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The Witches of the Veiled Crow offer Psychic Tarot Readings, Palm Readings, and Spiritual Consultations both in the shop and by phone. Click the button below to book your reading today.

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From healing crystals, to candles, to oils to tarot cards- Loren does it best! She really takes the time to educate and answer any and all questions! Not to mention she spoiled my daughter (ROTTEN) when I took her there for the first time (+5 for Loren!). She is just so down to earth and I can’t wait to go back for the 164848260th time.

~ Alana

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This FREE VIP membership is for lightworkers, empaths and anyone feeling disconnected from their higher self, the Divine and wanting to unlock their personal power. Receiving rituals, spells, along with other tools members of the Circle will be able to walk firmly on their spiritual path, connect to the Divine and manifest the life they deserve.