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Veiled Crow's Little Black Box -Gaia's Gift

Veiled Crow's Little Black Box -Gaia's Gift


Veiled Crow's Little Black Box - Gaia's Gift is a magickal collection of carefully crafted and curated products made by witches for witches. How are our boxes different from other boxes and subscriptions? Released every other month, our box is created to be used actively with the season's energy. Our vision is that instead of a random assortment, this is a collection that you will actively use and enjoy. With 2 full months to work with the magick, you can dive deep into manifesting the life you deserve. Are you ready to work with the magick of abundance and growth as we move towards summer, and take your manifestation spell work to a new level?  


Enclosed you will find everything you need to do just that.  This season's box includes:


  • Growing Magick - a spell of manifestation including detailed instructions created by the Witches of the Veiled Crow
  • Good Earth Loose Incense 
  • Earth Anointing Oil
  • A Crocosmia Lucifer Bulb 
  • All-natural Coconut fiber pot with hand-drawn sigil with potting soil.
  • The Growth for a New Tomorrow Sigil by Laura Tempest Zakroff & is included here with their permission.  
  • Bay leaves
  • Notebook
  • a small surprise




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