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These amazing readers will be available all day from 11 to 5.

Forever The Fool

Benjamin Kibbe Is a Certified Tarot Reader, Occultist, and Initiated Alexandrian Priest/Witch. His passion for all things magical and esoteric have called him to use his intuitive connection to the rich symbolism of the tarot to assist others in Navigating the Situations, Lessons, and Changes the universe throws at us. He customizes the reading to answer any burning questions you may have. Love + Relationships, Money + Career, Difficult decisions, and so much more.

Tarot Readings

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Evelyn Archer

Evelyn Archer is a writer, tarot card slinger, and ditch witch living in a small apartment in a huge haunted mansion in southern New England. She is the author of The Strange Files of Modesty Brown and a pretty snappy newsletter. You can find her online at and on IG and TikTok at @evelynarches.

Tarot readings for all, but especially for writers, artists, and other creatives.

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Tom Benjamin Tarot

Tom Benjamin offers real, practical readings on any topic. With 20+ years of experience, we can explore your relationships, your work life, your goals, your spiritual path. My approach is fun and friendly, perfect for folx who are new to getting readings, but clear and deep for those with lots of experience. I can also help you explore topics for your reading. Queer friendly.

Card readings (tarot, Lenormand grand tableau)

Mana Aelin

Mana Aelin is an artist, witch, diviner, and otherwordian traveler. Hailing from the depths of the Underworld, Mana often finds themselves connecting with wolfish creatures of this plane and others, baneful plants, and those who live in constant liminality. In addition to occult education, they hold a B.A. in Philosophy and have studied herbalism since 2017. Mana also hosts “The Real Witches of the End Times,” a podcast where undefinably weird folk share their stories for an audience of not-just-witches, living people, or humans.

Offering cartomancy readings with both tarot and playing cards.

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The LoonWitch

Internationally recognized Psychic, Holistic Healer, and Teacher Sha Blackburn, known as The LoonWitch, has been empowering individuals to transform their lives using magickal principles and her intuitive gifts since 1997. Since childhood Sha has been drawn to the mystery schools and walks that path today. She is a Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner, QHHT Practitioner is certified in Shamanic Healing from the Foundation of Shamanic Studies. Learn more about Sha’s offerings and events at

Aura Photography

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KD Dayton

KD is a practitioner of reading Tarot and astrological nativities. She has studied both since 2003, when she began an apprenticeship with a modern astrologer/Tarot reader in Kansas City, Missouri. As a child, Greek and Roman mythology seized her imagination. She spent hours creating god and goddess “trading cards” and reading everything about mythology she could. Little did she know these stories would help her interpret and synthesize planetary influences when she turned to traditional astrology as an adult. After multiple decanic walks throughout the year, she has combined her two passions into offerings that will help anyone. KD is a student and certified via the Nightlight Astrology School with Acyuta-bhava Dasa. Since 2018, she has been offering consultations with a specialization in virtual delivery to make astrology and Tarot more accessible.

Tarot readings including full Celtic cross readings, three card past-present-future reading, and 5-minute life direction pulls

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