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Classes and Events
Astrology is one of the ancient magickal sciences, the different planets dictating and enhancing our lives, interactions, and spellwork. This four-part class will give yo...
Fundamentals of Astrology
Started May 31
Our safe and non-judgmental monthly social allows space to talk about topics that have affected and inspired our spiritual and magickal path. Please feel free to have que...
Coffee around the Cauldron (In person)
Started Jun 3


Bone Divinations Readings with Raven Morgaine

Saturday, June 3rd starting at 1 PM

$ 55 for 15 minute consultation

Call the shop to book 401-919-5499

As both the number and the visibility of queer and trans practitioners within Pagan, polytheist, and magical communities increases, so too does the need to engage critica...
A Craft Like Me
Starts Jun 17


Book Signing with Misha Magdalene

Saturday, June 17th 3:30 to 4:30 pm

Open to the public

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