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Classes and Events
The Tarot, an ancient form of divination has spread throughout the world on a mysterious and elusive journey(as mysterious and elusive as the cards themselves) from being...
Tarot - A Five Week Intensive
Started Jan 25
Since the beginning of time, humanity has made art as a way to affect, influence and seek order in the seen and unseen world. In turn, art has initiated civilization, cra...
Visual Alchemy: Creation to Connection
Started Jan 26
Our safe and non-judgmental monthly social allows space to talk about topics that have affected and inspired our spiritual and magickal path. Please feel free to have que...
Coffee around the Cauldron 2/4 (Zoom)
Starts Feb 4
As we walk our spiritual paths, connect to the higher self and raise our vibrations we can find ourselves overwhelmed with the energies of living on this planet we call h...
Psychic Self-Defense
Starts Feb 5
Mary Ciesynski, creator of The Shadow Work Deck, leads us in an interactive workshop to identify the shadows holding us back from loving ourselves. Through guided meditat...
Shadow Work for Self Love & Empowerment
Starts Feb 11
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