Classes and Events
Astrology is one of the ancient magickal sciences, the different planets dictating and enhancing our lives, interactions, and spellwork. This four-part class will give yo...
Fundamentals of Astrology (in-person)
Started Sep 2
Our safe and non-judgmental monthly social allows space to talk about topics that have affected and inspired our spiritual and magickal path. Please bring questions/topic...
Coffee around the Cauldron 9/4 (Zoom)
Started Sep 4
Since its original publication, Drawing Down the Moon continues to be the only detailed history of the burgeoning but still widely misunderstood Neo-Pagan subculture. Mar...
Book Club - Drawing Down the Moon (Zoom)
Started Sep 7
The Tarot, an ancient form of divination has spread throughout the world on a mysterious and elusive journey(as mysterious and elusive as the cards themselves) from being...
Tarot - A Five Week Intensive In-person
Starts Nov 2