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Join us for the Ancestor and Spirit Guide Connection Ritual Spell.  Harnessing the dark moon and the thinning veil, we are crafting a ritual to connect to our ancestors a...
Ancestor & Spirit Guide Ritual Spell
Started Oct 16
Throughout time and across all cultures funeral customs and ways to prepare for the soul to descend into the underworld and afterlife are practiced. These customs vary wi...
Death Rituals - Honoring the Departed
Started Oct 22
Need love in your life?  As the moon and planets shift, we connect to the energy of attraction in order to manifest love. Soul mate, twin flame, soul sisters, self-love, ...
Love Spell Ritual
Started Oct 23
Dark Gods and Goddesses are associated with all cultures and religions. These powerful deities are keepers of the underworld and the journey between worlds. Join us for a...
Honoring the Crossroads
Started Oct 27
Our next meeting will discuss the non-fiction book - The Little work by Durgadas Allon Duriel. Make your day-to-day life as fulfilling and rewarding as your magical pract...
Book Club - The Little Work
Starts Nov 13
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