Classes and Events
Connecting to those that have come before us, either by blood or by love, has been a prevalent practice in both religion and personal lives. Whether it's honoring saints ...
Ancestors - working with the other side
Início 6 Jul
Our safe and non-judgmental monthly social allows space to talk about topics that have affected and inspired our spiritual and magickal path. Please bring questions/topic...
Coffee around the Cauldron 7/9 (Zoom)
Início 9 Jul
Palmistry, an ancient form of divination, is considered a cross between an art and a science. Using the lines on your hands you can look into your past, present, and futu...
The Foundations of Palmistry
Início 13 Jul
As we walk our spiritual paths, connect to the higher self and raise our vibrations we can find ourselves overwhelmed with the energies of living on this planet we call h...
Psychic Self-Defense
Início 11 Aug
The study of herbs has long been associated with witchcraft and polytheistic practices. From the Goddess Dianna coming forth to teach the wisdom of herbs and stars - to t...
Herbal Witchery - 3 Part Course
Início 24 Aug