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Rose Buds

Rose Buds


The beautiful flower, Rose, is ruled by Venus and Jupiter, connected to the element water and feminine energy. Sacred to most Goddesses of love, this herb is associated with love and beauty and makes a fantastic offertory herb for many altars. Used for love spells and attraction of a lover, it can also be used in self-love, self-acceptance, and attracting friends. Roses bring the ability to learn the balance of giving, selflessly, taking joy in the process rather than just expecting it in return. Representing all aspects of the Goddess, the ability to love and nurture and to see the beauty in all things - connecting you to all things through love. In this regard, they can be used for healing and growth. 


Sold in a 1-ounce package.


Our herbs are sold for magickal use only - DO NOT INGEST.

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