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A statement from our Curator:


When people think of galleries, they tend to think of white-walled spaces – cold, pristine, quiet, and
exclusive. These “qualities” are the developed results of over a century of separating art from the whole
of lived culture - the efforts of a society focused on making the arts a luxury experience. But the arts are
for everyone – not just the rich, the networked, the chosen darlings of the moment. Art is an integral
part of being human, and the more we separate humans from art, the more we all suffer – individually
and as a communal whole.

I have been immersed in the fine art world since I was very young. I have attended highly prestigious art
schools, won numerous awards, and my work is collected worldwide. However, those decades of fine art
experiences with galleries, museums, festivals, shows, and schools have led me to realize that the fine
art world leaves far too many people behind. It often leaves some of the best work behind in the
process as well. That truly is a tragedy for all of us – but only if we continue to staunchly view art
through that narrow gilded lens.

I don’t believe in the sanctity of a white-walled, elitist space or the fancy cardboard visage that comes
with it. Art comes to life when it exists in spaces where people gather, share, learn, and grow together.
Good lighting and colorful cozy accents combined with the goal of crafting community create a true
sanctum that brings art and people together. When art finds a temporary home in a comfortable,
collective space, the art provides an opportunity to not only start a conversation but can add to the
discussion as well. Art in this space sets the framework for how we can see the world with new eyes.
Art needs to be accessible – not only in the viewing of the work but in the making of it as well. We all
grow as artists when the walls hold art not only from established and experienced artists, but the newly
emerging and experimenting artists as well. It’s not a question of either/or, but an absolute answer of
both. Amazing art can be made by anyone of any age, gender, sexuality, or background, whether they
have been formally schooled or are figuring it out on their own.

When we move away from what is sanctioned or considered acceptable by the imposed limits of the
fine art world, we begin to journey into inspiration, deeper expression, and new possibilities. By delving
into the realms of exploring magic, spirituality, myth, and mystery, we explore experiences that unlock
not only who we are, but who we can be as human beings.

With all of this in mind, we have created Third Sanctum to be not only an esoteric art gallery but a
gathering space where art, education, and magic meet – and support our local creative community. Let
the ritual begin.


Laura Tempest Zakroff
Third Sanctum Curator
June 2023

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