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Third Sanctum Art Gallery & Gathering Space is a brand new space in Warwick, RI dedicated to supporting the arts and crafting inclusive community. It is located within The Veiled Crow, in the back of the building at 3287  Post Road, Warwick RI 02886. 

Why Sanctum?

Third Sanctum is a “Sanctuary for Authenticity” – a safe and supportive place for exploration, learning, and expression. The gallery walls are a kind of altar for the community and creativity. An altar is a place of communication and offerings, it’s where the action happens in rites and rituals, where worlds meet. In this space, the sacred and secular merge, fostering growth and artistry on many levels.

What is a Third Space?

In his book The Great Good Place (1989), Ray Oldenburg argues that third places are important for civil society, democracy, civic engagement, and establishing feelings of a sense of place. Oldenburg calls one's "first place" the home and the people the person lives with. The "second place" is the workplace—where people may actually spend most of their time. Third places, then, are "anchors" of community life and facilitate and foster broader, more creative interaction.[1] In other words, "your third place is where you relax in public, where you encounter familiar faces and make new acquaintances."[2]

In addition to hosting lectures, workshops, classes, and rituals, Third Sanctum is home to monthly themed art exhibitions featuring local and national talent. These shows will alternate between invitation-based and open-submission processes. There will also be special pop-up events featuring local makers and artisans. 

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Upcoming Exhibitions 2023

June – Queer Magic - Love IS Love (submissions)

July – Spell (RISD Alumni)

August – Tarot (submissions)

September – The Genius Loci (submissions)

October – Memento Mori (submissions)

November – Cryptids (submissions)

December – Miniature Magic (invitation)

Please read our Curator's statement

The gathering space is available for rental. Please contact the Veiled Crow at 401-919-5499 or email for more information.

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