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Veiled Crow's Little Black Box - Yuletide Blessings

Veiled Crow's Little Black Box - Yuletide Blessings


 Veiled Crow's Little Black Box - Yuletide Blessings is an enchanting collection of carefully crafted and curated products made by witches for witches. How are our boxes different from other boxes and subscriptions? Released every other month, our box is created so it can be used actively during the season. Our vision is that instead of a random assortment, this is a collection that you will actively use and enjoy. With 2 full months to work with the magick, you will be able dive deep into the energy of the natural world, and take your spiritual practice to a new level.  


Each box will contain 8 to 10 items including instructions on how to use them.  The box will always contain a handcrafted oil, incense, and a spell candle. 


Boxes will ship between 12/1 - 12/15/23.

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